vacuum freeze drying

vacuum freeze drying
Product Description

Freeze-dryingworks by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure toallow the frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solidphase to the gas phase. Since the drying takesplace at lower temperature and time, the final product stays intact in terms oftexture, taste and nutritional values.

 Freeze drying main advantages:

Ø  Freeze dried products can be stored at ambienttemperature

Ø  Less damage to the substance than other dehydrationmethods using higher temperatures : in particular color and shape 

Ø  Does not usually cause shrinkage of the material beingdried (no volume reduction)

Ø  Freeze drying, as processing frozen product can becarried out all year long (no seasonal effect) 

 vegetablesare used in various applications like: Pasta dishes, Vegetable dips dressings,Instant soups, Appetizers, Salad dressings.. 

 Freezedried fruits are extensively applied in breakfast cereals, confectionaries,bakery mixes, ice creams, snack mixes, pastries and many more.

Apart fromabove exhaustive list of fruits and vegetables we do Freeze Drying of anyfruit, vegetables or herb even if it is procured by others.


 Appropriatepackaging is necessary for the freeze dried products to retain the color, aromaand flavor for months together .

 Packagingis done in laminated aluminum foil pouches flushed with nitrogen. These pouchesare then packed in corrugated cartons.

Packaging can,however, be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

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